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Decipher Technology Studios is an innovative software company operating in Alexandria, Virginia that develops Grey Matter, an industry-leading enterprise service mesh platform. Grey Matter, the apex of a microservice enabled enterprise, supports all public, private, and hybrid cloud environments as well as on-premise deployments. Decipher’s comprehensive platform provides a service mesh, micro-services, a secure data distribution network, and network automation to improve digital experiences, network performance, visibility, and security, all while cutting operating costs. Grey Matter is the perfect host for data enriched by The combination allows users to extract dramatically more value from text holdings, whether structured or unstructured.

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NNData is an AI & machine learning and data driven company operating in Fairfax, Virginia, that focuses on market disruption and tackling the growing challenges around data. NNData produces NNCompass, a single-pane-of-glass ETL, digital process automation, and data prep platform for both structured and unstructured data. NNCompass transforms unstructured data into highly structured, AI/ML-ready data through application of machine learning and document understanding techniques; it adeptly prepares a wide range of unconventional document types for further processing. NNCompass’s unique approach to data extraction enables to semantically enrich text regardless of its original format. The union of the two technologies ensures the value of data is fully realized.

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EidosMedia S.p.A. is a publishing software company headquartered in Milan, Italy with offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Sydney and São Paulo. EidosMedia's flagship product is Méthode, the world’s most evolved editorial and publishing platform. Méthode enables complete control of the content management process from initial planning and workflow coordination to final publication. Automating many routine processes, together with checks and validations, Méthode creates a combination of high productivity with rigorous quality control. Coupled with, EidosMedia’s Méthode provides users with a world-class content management and publishing solution with semantically enriched documents, allowing users to extract more value from their document holdings.