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Expert System USA is an Artificial Intelligence company focused on developing and deploying innovative and customized Natural Language Understanding (NLU) solutions for the Public Sector with emphasis on the Intelligence, Military, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security communities.



Cogito is a mature and highly refined Natural Language Processing/Understanding (NLP/NLU) software suite which enables an organization to process textual data streams or repositories, autogenerate sophisticated metadata, enable discovery of hidden or inferred substantive content, and power a wide variety of analytic tools. We also provide the user with the capability to organically develop and manage taxonomies.

Why Cogito?

The overarching essence of our value proposition is one of delivering best-in-class technology that will reconfigure and revitalize the customers' text data environment, enhance extant toolsets, and modernize analytic or operational workflows simultaneously, scalably, flexibly, and efficiently. Cogito demonstrably outperforms its competitors in both precision and granularity of extractions, categorization, and tagging.

Products and Services

The Cogito suite of products uses a building-block approach comprising the core technology and a set of development tools, interfaces, training options, and linguistics packages tailorable to a customer’s needs.